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How To Shoot a Flat Lay

 Final Shot- what do you think?

Final Shot- what do you think?

Hi guys! It's been awhile, I've been so busy shooting and editing- but I'm finally in a perfect system that leaves me time to show my blog some love. I L.O.V.E. that I can talk about anything here (even more than I love polaroids and a cold green apple Perrier)- if you have any questions you want me to answer, or any topics you'd like to hear me ramble on about-- email me them to or DM them on INSTAGRAM.

I really wanted to discuss flat lays for my first post back- because one they are SO important in the blogging world (especially creating beautiful ones that tell a story- TIP: always, always, tell a story with your flat lays) and two, because I had someone ask me to drive up to LA from SD to help them with flat lays. I thought wow, thats so far for something so simple but then I realized it's not so simple when you first start- so here's a little behind the scenes for ya on how I created my flat lay!

First I want to talk a little about these products- basically every time I use them I feel like I brought the spa straight into my bathroom. BASICALLY I’d say thats goals for all skincare companies , because as the consumer you want the products you spend your hard worked for money on to make you feel like royalty. I also noticed that my personal fav product, the EXFLOLIANT, smelled kind of like Christmas…I’m Jewish, but if you know me, I’m obsessed with everything christmas, from the lights straight to the SMELLS. As I read more about the products, I found out that all 3 of these products have the three Ps: Pineapple, Pumpkin, and Papaya enzymes. Mmm, I should also mention that the ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer made my skin glow- win/win.

K now let's get started! 

1. Textures! One of the most important thing for a beautiful, interesting, luxurious flat lay is textures! First I went to an arts crafts store we have here in San Diego, called Michael’s and picked up everything you see above- not knowing what I would use! I was looking specifically for small items with texture, like feathers, lace ect. I also picked up a white pasteboard to use as my backdrop, and two silky fabrics + 2 tulle type fabrics for dimension. 


2. Set up! I grabbed a small table stand and placed my white board on it. I opened my strobe light bag in the garage, and TO BE HONEST...I thought I saw a spider, so I only left with ONE strobe instead of TWO LOL. Nonetheless I love how it came out with one light source, a little more moody. I placed the strobe to the right side of the table. See above for the set up.

3. Test & Add Texture! I have the strobe set up so that it flashes when I press the shutter. My shutter was 1/160, my ISO was 100 and my aperture was 7.1. I started just testing the light on the product.  I started testing different looks, with only fabric around my product. I happened to like my first look, but if you don't like yours try different combos- or even shot ON one of the fabrics! I'm loving silk lately- I think it's a fun refreshing look after we've been seeing marble as backdrop for years!


4. ADD Accents- flowers, trinkets, ect! Then I started adding things like the hand statue. the rose, rose petals, ect. Play around, get creative, test. I like my flat lays with lots of STUFF. You might like yours very very minimal, we are all different. Next time I'll probably add more! The best part about flat lays- unlike people, they won’t get annoyed if you ask them to move or take a million photos LOL—I was trying to do this very very fast, I had a million things to do  before I left for vacation; so I went with my first final set up.



VOILA this is my final ^ what do you think? If you want me to do a tutorial on how I edited it let me know- and as always if you have any questions- send them my way! SCROLL BELOW TO SEE THE BEFORE !




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