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Why I creatively love to WING IT

Why occasionally I need to creatively WING IT...

"We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down."

Kurt Vonnegut

I guess this is how you could describe my creative collaboration with Alysha Nett

When she first reached out to me I was excited -- browsing her profile on Instagram it just screamed creative freedom. We wanted to work on something just because.

We hadn't planned much besides we wanted our photo to captivate-- focus on the eyes.

We also decided to throw some effing paint in there.

Who doesn't love a gorgeous girl in paint? There's something about paint to me that's so organic and interesting- maybe because I'm a romantic fool for all art.


Other than that we had a meeting place and time and that was all she wrote.

And THATS HOW I LIKE IT, my friends.

I'll admit it made me a little nervous, not knowing what would exactly unfold...but nerves are good people! Use them for positive adrenaline-- don't be scared that you don't know what you'll do. For me ideas flow in when I'm put on the spot--- it's a chemistry thing- you and your subject together.

Vibes if you will. 

If I were to email with a client for 3 weeks, create mood boards with OTHER people's kind of kills my excitement and creativity- not always, but when an idea is HOTT in my head that energy needs to come out soon.

Let's just do this.

I love being in the moment with the camera, that's when I see things.

I can't tell you too much what I'm going to shoot before we shoot.

If you shoot with me you know I say "let's just try it" or "stand over there" more times  than Kim Kardashian has posted selfies. 

Everyone's creative process is different and I love that. 

It's all about the moment and documenting it. So don't think too much, go create some cool shit TODAY if you're just starting.

Don't be scared, call a pretty friend, find some killer clothes, a BUCKET of paint, or a bad ass tiara who cares if Paris Hilton wore them out, make it cool again....and go shoot, just do it. I've never regretted one shoot because whether it was learning what to do or what not to do, it mattered then and it matters today.

This is not to say planning shoots doesn't work also, I love to plan when I have to, key word have to ;)

I've decided to use this blog space to discuss a little more of the process of photography, a diary if you will rather than getting all technical. I'll definitely go technical here and there.

Later babes xo