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Top 4 Tips How to Shoot a Fashion Blogger street style

I’ve always had a fascination with photos of cool seeming, chic, well dressed-women in a New York city like setting- looking like they’re on the way to somewhere cool. Formally called Street Style. Best way to describe it right? You could say I was slightly obsessed with Vogue in my younger years. Now I don’t have time to pick up a magazine- but I’m out here taking the photos, trying to get my ass into Vogue…so let me share my top 4 tips!

1. Don't get hit by a car- Sorry I had to but I just really care about you and needs to be said. Early mornings are good for this or one way streets- as the photographer I like to face oncoming traffic because I'm looking through the camera at all times. Keep moving. Shoot further from the turning corner so you get a strong blur (use low aperture) and have more time to see cars coming. If you see a car, yell CAR (duh) and move to the side of street and review photos HA.


2. Test light both ways before shooting- ALWAYS. You won't believe how many times I switched directions of shooting and said YES, this is it. Lights a tricky thing I still don't think I've mastered it 100% so for now it's test and go. Even if you think you know what it will look like you'd be surprised what cameras pick up. Don't be worried your subject will think you don't know what you're doing- everyone just wants an amazing photo in the best light; give it to them.


3. Shoot from different angles- Lately I've been shooting lower to the ground for full bodies- it gives a sense of power in your subject and sometimes is oddly slimming. Try shooting high up for detail shots, you'll  get a cool all cement background. Twist your camera and keep your subject moving for interesting action shots!

4. DIRECT- you're the photographer if you see something that you like tell your subject!!! Even if you see something you don't like, like a camel toe LOL. This is something VERY IMPORTANT that you would be so surprised people appreciate. Tell them to walk away and turn around on the side the bags showing- actually DO IT, act it out. I've done this a lot and probably have looked like a douche in the process but it brings a laugh and makes people comfortable. Always make people comfortable.


Thanks for reading, if you have something you'd like me to talk about next just let me know- send me a message or comment on my instagram! Xx

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